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Growing your fan base

Failure to provide adequate cooling for an enclosure is in many instances to plan for the electrical equipment or electronics it contains to fail, with resultant cost, labour and replacement equipment implications.  Overheating can be prevented with the addition of the correct fan and with careful selection, this adds little to the overall cost. Aerco distributes fans from ADDA, Etri, Sofasco, Delta, Torin-Sifan, Comair Rotron and many others, and offers no-obligation technical advice on the best products for your application and budget.   Jason Slaughter takes a look at a selection.

For a high airflow, competitively-priced solution, the Sofasco D17051V12-HBL axial fan in a 172 x 51mm frame size is suitable for cooling many types of enclosures.  With a maximum airflow capability of 103 litres/sec (220CFM), this rugged fan features a die-cast aluminium frame, a plastic (UL94V-0) impeller and a high performance dual ball-bearing system, and is used extensively in cooling UPS systems, commercial refrigeration units and other demanding applications in the medical, telecommunication, commercial, military aviation and aerospace industries.

As well as standard axial and centrifugal design fans, many other airflow designs are available from the world’s leading fan manufacturers to meet a huge variety of applications.  Fans and fan accessories now include backward curve motorised impellers, frameless fans, tangential cross-flow blowers, flat blowers, chip coolers, CPU coolers and combined heat pipes and fan assemblies.   There have been developments and improvements to bearings – ball bearings are often the most costly component in a fan, and different types of bearing are now available from most manufacturers. In addition to conventional ball and sleeve bearing fans, some use both within the same fan assembly.  Different types of impeller are now in common use, including sickle blade, paddle blade and static outlet blade fans.

Well-known in the electronic thermal management field, particularly in the IT industry, ADDA has developed its GP Series for modern, densely packed electronics enclosures.  A high performance DC fan that delivers high airflow against high system pressure, this highly-efficient venturi design is combined with a motor delivering up to 12,000 rev/min to provide airflow up to 103 litres/sec (220 CFM).  Seven frame sizes and three supply voltages (12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC) give 30 different combinations for design flexibility.  This series also has a quality ball bearing system, and is a cost-effective answer to cooling requirements providing maximum heat dissipation with minimum power consumption and low operating noise levels.

For enclosed electronics and equipment, Delta, the world’s largest manufacturer of fans and fan components, offers many thermal solutions based on DC brushless fan technology, to offer the maximum operating performance, with reduced downtime and optimal thermal protection.  The AFB Range of axial fans is often used for telecommunications racking, and is available in sizes from 40mm x 40mm up to 172mm x 172mm.  Varying voltages from 5VDC to 48VDC are available across the range, with airflows starting at 6 CFM up to 290 CFM.  Delta has also just announced a new line of EC (Electronically Commutated) fans, which are eco-friendly and use DC technology in AC format for AC applications.  These offer high efficiency for energy saving, combined with low vibration and low noise.

About the Author:

Jason Slaughter specialises in advising on technical issues to provide practical solutions to cooling problems.  He can be contacted at Aerco, a stockist and franchised distributor of electrical components that partners with world-class manufacturers to supply aerospace, defence, medical, industrial, rail and transportation markets throughout the world. 

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