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Cable Assemblies and Patch Cords

Aerco can supply a broad range of terminated and fully tested fibre optic cable assemblies, for deployment in harsh environments and customized to meet customer’s specific application requirements.


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Esterline Souriau


ITT Cannon

TE Connectivity


Esterline Souriau

Patch Cords

Patch Cords:

  • SOURIAU offers a wide range of optical contacts that can be terminated.
  • From standard commercial connectors and contacts, such as LC, ST or SC, up to mil aero products with ELIO® or ARINC 801 contacts.

Patch Cords Datasheet

Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies:

Military or aerospace jumpers, highly exposed to extreme acceleration, deceleration with shock, vibration and environmental constraints like dust and contaminant, are a perfect example where know-how and experience are key to providing a cost-efficient and sustainable solution.

Cable Assemblies Datasheet



Cable Assemblies and Patch-Cords

Cable Assemblies and Patch Cords:

Glenair's fibre optic cable assembly group can integrate any of their military and commercial fibre optic connectors and termini types from MIL-DTL-38999 to 28876, GFOCA, ARINC 801, as well as their Eye-Beam expanded beam solution fibre optic connectors and termini, together with fibre optic back-shell accessories, and in-house produced fibre optic cables into turnkey assemblies – terminated, tested, and ready to use. Examples range from inside-the-box pigtail assemblies to harsh environmental fibre optic cables, junction boxes, and integrated assemblies.

Cable Assemblies and Patch Cords Datasheet


ITT Cannon

Cable and Patch-Cords Assemblies

Cable Assemblies and Patch Cords:

ITT’s Fibre Optic facility delivers high quality, high performance fibre optic cable assemblies, for the Telecommunication, Automotive, Commercial Aircraft, Data Communications, Industrial, Medical and Military industries. Their in-house capabilities allow them to design, manufacture and test all in their production facility, and build standard to highly custom multi-channel cable assemblies complete in house. They can terminate all type of fibre in both Single-Mode and Multi-Mode along with terminating ferrule assemblies ranging from 1.25mm to 2.50mm and plastic fibre too.


TE Connectivity

Cable Harness & Patch-Cord Assemblies

Cable Assemblies & Patch Cords

Harsh environment cable assemblies from TE Connectivity are built to provide rugged durability without sacrificing performance. Whether it is fibre to the antenna for connections to remote radio heads, tactical deployment in military applications, or rugged industrial applications, each cable assembly is built to offer mission critical reliability in any environment. Their wide variety of connectors and cable constructions are completely customizable to fit your application while ensuring industry-leading environmental sealing and protection against vibration, corrosion, and extreme temperatures.

TE Fibre Optics Flex Circuit Cable Assemblies

TE Fibre Optic Flex Circuit Cable Assemblies

TE’s optical flex circuit cable assemblies are compact, robust fibre optic circuits, made up of thousands of individual fibres precisely positioned on a single rugged substrate that offer a multi-fibre management solution for high-speed electronic connectivity. Fully customizable for both card-to-card and backplane applications, these new optical flex circuits are ruggedized for harsh environments. The technology facilitates multiple options for cable assembly design, connector terminations and routing, giving designers the flexibility to help maximize performance and design a solution tailored to their needs.


  • Supports up to 12 layers stacked and up to six fibre crossings.
  • Supports Single-Mode and Multi-Mode, radiation hardened, bend sensitive fibres.
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C (Extended Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°C).
  • Pre terminated to customer specifications.
  • Supports multi-fibre MT based connector ( MTP,MPX,MC6 and MT ferrules) and single fibre connectors including LC & SC.

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