Covid Business Update

COVID-19 Update October 2021

The Government continues to encourage businesses and individuals to exercise restraint and caution in personal interactions, but continues to ease restrictions on movement and travel.

At Aerco we have decided that it will be prudent for us to continue many of the safety precautions for the foreseeable future. Specifically:

  • For those members of staff whose presence at Aerco is required we will continue arrangements to enable people to keep a prescribed distance from each other, especially with seating plans and the use of the canteen.
  • Certain staff members will continue to be working largely from home; some individuals will attend the business premises on a weekly schedule for a few days a week.
  • Staff will sanitise shared equipment and their hands frequently. Masks must be worn when moving about in the building
  • We will be cautious about receiving visitors, and all visitors will be required to confirm on arrival that they feel well, to sanitise their hands on arrival and wear a mask when moving in the building

In response to increasing rates of infection in the population we have introduced a requirement that all staff take a lateral flow test twice weekly and report the result to Aerco. This has been in place since the beginning of October and your cooperation has been very good. We have had one case of a positive test for Covid-19 right at the beginning of this period, with that staff member isolating for 10 days.

We have decided that we can celebrate Christmas this year. We have booked a private room at South Lodge hotel for a lunch and are hoping that most staff members will be able to attend.

With best regards,

Rob Laughton
Managing Director