Oxley Barb Cone Lock Terminal

Oxley Developments designed the Barb Cone Lock® locking technology many years ago and it has been successful in a wide range of chassis mounting insulated "stand off" and "lead through" applications.

The components are constructed from PTFE and have an elastic property which allows the barbed metal spill to lock itself in place by gently expanding the PTFE underneath the chassis during insertion. This ensures a long life and a stable mounting in the chassis which is a fundamental part of the product’s success.

The product has proven in many industry applications ranging from the military, nuclear and space sectors to medical and telecommunications settings. There is a vast range of types and styles to suit a variety of hole sizes and chassis thicknesses. There are also "CEEL" high sealing versions for use in applications involving vacuums and differential pressures.

The spills are manufactured using precision turned, high specification brass material with a silver plating finish as standard. Other finishes are available on request.

Oxley also has the capability to manufacture Barb Cone Locks® in a variety of exotic metals for thermocoupling applications.