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Our Technical Team

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Our DesignSupport team consists of product specialists recruited and trained for their skill and knowledge in component selection. We'll locate the ideal product for your project and deliver data and samples saving you both time and effort. This is a free service, with no commitment on your part.

We will:

  • Help you to find the components for a new design or improvement or cost reduction of an existing design.
  • Find alternatives and obtain data and samples.
  • Continue to work with you throughout design, prototyping and testing.
  • Supply components to your schedules when your product is in production.

With vast experience in sourcing and supplying electromechanical components, and the accumulated experience and knowledge of our technical team, we can partner with your design engineers.Our expertise encompasses connectors, backshells, coaxial products, cable & wire, fuses, switches, lamps, lighting, LEDs, solenoids, sensors, circuit breakers, mains filters, fans, terminal blocks, relays, magnets and associated products.

Alec Sluce

Alec Sluce - one of Aerco's Connector Experts

Need Advice on Connectors?

Alec Sluce has been designing and advising on interconnect solutions for more years than he is prepared to admit.

He is the first to concede that his job is made easier because Aerco supplies connectors from leading manufacturers such as AB, Binder, CEEP, Deutsch, Glenair, Harwin, Hypertac, Kings, Telegartner, Winchester and many others.

Alec knows about connectors in all their shapes, sizes and applications.

Need one-to-one advice on connectors? contact Alec



Nicki Setterfield

Nicola Setterfield - Aerco's Cable and Wire Expert

Need advice on cable?

Nicki Setterfield works at the centre of Aerco's operation supporting customer's requirements for cable, wire and accessories.

With access to products from world-class suppliers such as Alpha Wire, Habia Cable, Belden, Thermax CDT and Hellermann Tyton she can advise you on the best products to meet your environmental specifications and Mil Spec,Def Stan, low smoke or UL/CSA standards.

Need one-to-one advice on cable? contact Nicki



Paul Bandy

Paul Bancy - Aerco's EMC Expert

Need advice on EMC?

Paul Bandy has been immersed in EMC issues for years, but says he is still learning something new every day.
With an excellent technical understanding of the challenges and with access to filters, filtered connectors and shielding components from leading manufacturers, Paul is able to give practical advice that can save designers many hours of searching and experimentation. Whether your problem relates to filtering, shielding or best practice for elimination of emissions, Paul can help.

Need one-to-one advice on EMC? contact Paul


Need advice on fans?

With access to AC and DC fans and blowers from ADDA, Etri, Sofasco, Delta and many others, we can recommend the best products for your application and budget from heavy-duty blowers to PCB-mounted chip and hot spot coolers.

Our clear understanding of the technical issues, combined with a practical approach to samples and prototyping, enables us to provide a highly practical solution to your cooling problems.

Need one-to-one advice on fans? contact Aerco

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