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EMI Solutions

EMI Solutions provides filtering solutions that eliminate high frequency noise and transients to assist in meeting EMC compliance. Our EMI solutions include EMI filter inserts (flex filters), EMI filtered connectors and filter modules. With 24-hour availability and rapid turn-around times, our engineering design teams create highly reliable and customized designs to help you meet your EMI requirements.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, EMI Solutions was established in 1996 based on a specific niche product in the EMI filtering business. Over the years the company has grown and diversified into various associated product lines. Based on our acquired expertise in the EMI/EMC marketplace, as well as expertise gained in the various materials and processes used to develop our products, we have leveraged ourselves into other markets and are now recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of filtered connectors for the military, aerospace, and high-reliability commercial applications.