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GE Lighting

GE Lighting manufacture a range of fluorescent tubes, sealed beams, incadescent lamps, ranging from 2.5V up to 240V. GE Lighting specialise in aerospace applications airfield lighting products and LED lighting across many industries.

LED lighting products can be applied in the areas of refrigeration, automotive and transportation, signage and architecture. 

Product Ranges include Indication Lamps, Fluorescent Tubes and Sealed Beams.



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Design Support - Paul Bandy in front of Aerco office

Paul Bandy has been immersed in switches, sensors and lighting products for years, but says he is still learning something new every day.

With an excellent technical understanding of the challenges and with access to components from leading manufacturers Paul is able to give practical advice that can save designers many hours of searching and experimentation.

Contact Paul to find out how he can help.