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Habia Cable

Habia Cable LogoHabia Cable is a leading global supplier who manufacture and market custom designed cables and cable systems for demanding industrial applications.

Their cable and wire range includes standard & custom wire & electrical cables including equipment wire, twisted wire, signal cables, coaxial cables and triaxial cables for industrial, commercial, defence, nuclear and communication applications.

Aerco supplies the Habia Cable product range including coaxial cables, Flexiform reformable coaxial cables, Habiaflame2 fire resistant cables, Habiasense measurement cables, Habiatherm temperature sensors, Habiatron Nuclear LOCA, Harnbraid, Hi-Flex flexible power cables, Landguard defence cables land VG 95218, Seaguard defence cables naval and RTFRO marine diesel engine cables.

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Aerco Cable and Wire Services

Design Support : Nicki Setterfield

Nicola Setterfield - Aerco's Cable and Wire Expert

Need advice on cable?

Nicki Setterfield works at the centre of Aerco's operation supporting customer's requirements for cable, wire and accessories.

With access to products from world-class suppliers such as Alpha Wire, Habia Cable, Belden, Thermax CDT and Hellermann Tyton she can advise you on the best products to meet your environmental specifications and Mil Spec,Def Stan, low smoke or UL/CSA standards.

If you need one-to-one advice on cable or wire email Nicki and find out how she can help. Call Nicki on 01403 260206.