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Smiths Interconnect HypertacSmiths Connectors is a leading supplier of world class interconnect solutions to electrical and electronic applications requiring superior quality, performance and reliability.

Aerco supplies the Hypertac range of PCB, Modular, Rectangular, Circular connectors and Custom connectors as well as their range of Discrete contacts.

The Hypertac connector brand utilises the superior performing Hyperboloid contact technology, ideal for harsh environments and safety critical applications.

To view the Smiths Connectors Hypertac brand web site follow this link.

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Design Support : Alec Sluce

Alec Sluce has been designing and advising on interconnect solutions for more years than he is prepared to admit.

He is the first to concede that his job is made easier because Aerco supplies connectors from leading manufacturers such as AB, Binder, CEEP, Deutsch, Glenair, Harwin, Hypertac, Kings, Polamco, Telegartner, TE Connectivity, Winchester and many others.

Alec knows about connectors in all their shapes, sizes and applications.

If you need one-to-one advice on connectors contact Alec and find out how he can help or call Alec on 01403 260206.

Alec Sluce - Design Support infront of Aerco office

Hypertac News

Hypertac News

Hypertac high power connectors in stock at Aerco
06/01/2017 13:20:06 Hypertac NewsNews

Selection of Hpertac HBB power connectors on a blue backgroundAerco offers a comprehensive range of the Hypertac HBB high-performance, circular power connectors on quick delivery, at competitive prices and low MOQs. 

Offering a combination of high current capability, versions are available rated up to 750A, with small size and high levels of environmental performance, the HBB range is ideal for electric drives used in fighting vehicles, weapons, avionics, rail transport and automotive and medical equipment.

Using the well-proven Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology, HBB connectors provide easy mating and quick release with over 2,000 mating cycles and are supplied with either crimp or threaded lug termination. Standard connectors are rated at 300A and 500A while versions capable of over 750A are available on request.   

These single-pole circular connectors are supplied in a choice of metal or high-strength composite shells, are sealed to IP67 and provide 360° EMI/RFI shielding.  Configurations are available in cable or panel mount versions with straight or right angle backshells. 

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Hypertac REP connectors available from Aerco
11/01/2017 11:23:33 NewsHypertac News

Hypertac REP series connectorsThe Hypertac REP connector series, a multi-pole, sealed, rectangular, plastic connector that provides quick and easy connection, is now available from Aerco.

This high performance connector uses well-proven Hypertac® Hyperboloid contact technology that guarantees excellent reliability even under high levels of shock and vibration and is ideal for many electronic applications in the railroad, industrial equipment, test and measurement, automotive and defence industries.

The REP connector conforms to UL94VO fire smoke standards and is made of polycarbonate with a silicone backshell.  It is protected to IP66 and available in 2, 6 and 12-way formats and allows up to 500 mating cycles.  Rated up to 13A, the series offers a significant savings in terms of inventory and maintenance because one size of contact caters for cables from 0.50mm²  to 2.5mm² (24-12AWG).

No special tools are required for assembly, connection is simple with push to mate, press and release to unmate and the series is available in cable to cable, clips and front and back panel mount configurations.  Pre-wired version can also be supplied to customers’ specifications.

AE486 2/6/2011

Aerco to assemble Hypertac HPH connectors in UK
11/01/2017 12:58:58 NewsHypertac News

Hypertac HPH Connectors

Investment means two-week delivery with no MOQs 

Aerco has increased its commitment to UK customers of Smiths Connectors by extending its assembly capability to include the rectangular, high-density PCB range of Hypertac HPH connectors.

The HPH range of high reliability, vibration-proof connectors uses the well-proven Hyperboloid socket contact design, ensuring low insertion and separation forces, an excess of 2000 mating operations, low contact resistance and high current and voltage ratings making it ideal for mil/aero and industrial applications.

Aerco will supply versions with up to 202 contacts, with options for straight and 90° PCB contacts with a wide range of mating guide styles on a two-week lead-time with no MOQs.  The high density is achieved with 4A rated contacts that are 0.6mm diameter set on a staggered pitch of 1.905mm.  

This investment by Aerco will ensure that UK customers wishing to upgrade to higher density connector systems can rely on high levels of support for both prototype and production quantities.


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New design of M12 connectors offers many advantages
22/12/2016 11:55:41 Hypertac NewsNews

Hypertac M12 connectorsThe new range of Hypertac M12 connectors that incorporates innovative features in a compact design while taking full advantage of traditional Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology is now available on quick delivery and low MOQs from Aerco. 

Developed to meet the growing demand for miniaturisation, these new M12 connectors are available with 3, 4, 5 or 8 way contacts with options of over-moulded or free assembly and with straight or 90° versions to meet all the recognised standards and industry requirements.

An anti-vibration arrangement comprising a floating female hyperboloid crimp socket within a robust connector insulator and shell provides maximum security.  Additional benefits are easy handling characteristics and rapid contact assembly with a unique, sideways clip insulator.

Insulator assembly is simplified with an easy to use touch, look and feel system that ensures correct orientation and the design provides the highest possible connector-to-connector density.  The free-assembled right-angle version has an adaptable cable entry termination that allows for a change to a straight version in the field without compromising the IP67 reliability.