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Cable, Wire & Accessories

Cable, Wire & Accessories
Here is our selection of high quality cable, wire and accessory products that are aimed at various sectors that include military, aerospace, marine and commercial markets.

We provide a total interconnect service that includes products from leading, world-class manufacturers like Alpha Wire, Habia Cable, HellermannTyton and Thermax CDT. Wire and cable specifications include Mil Spec / Def Stan and UL/CSA approved across all ranges.

Included in the range is Mil-spec cable and wires, equipment wire, coaxial cable, multicore cable and low smoke zero halogen cable as well as a range of wire management products that include cable ties, braiding, spiral wrap to name a few. A range of heatshrink products from tubing to moulded boots is available.

Mil Spec wire ranges include MIL-DTL-16878 (Mil-W-16878), SAE-AS-22759 (Mil-DTL-22759), NEMA-WC-27500 (Mil-DTL-27500) to name a few.

UL approvals for equipment wire (hook up wire) include UL1007, UL1569, UL1061 and UL1015.

PTFE equipment wire (hook up wire) is approved to the British Standard specification of BS 3G210. PTFE equipment wire is required to perform in increasingly critical environments and is suitable for both electrical and electronic equipment.

The PTFE range includes:

BS 3G210 Type A equipment wire – voltage 300V
BS 3G210 Type B equipment wire – voltage 600V
BS 3G210 Type C equipment wire – voltage 1000V

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AR0300104-SL358M12-A Female 3 COND SLATE 5M£8.57
AR0300104-SL359M12-A Female 3 COND SLATE 10M£12.00
AR0300104-SL400M12-A Female 3 COND SLATE 15M£16.04
AR0300104-SL401M12-A Female 3 COND SLATE 20M£19.72
AR0400101-SL355M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 0.6M£9.63
AR0400101-SL356M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 1M£10.19
AR0400101-SL357M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 3M£11.91
AR0400101-SL358M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 5M£14.18
AR0400101-SL359M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 10M£19.82
AR0400101-SL400M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 15M£26.49
AR0400101-SL401M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 20M£32.59
AR0400105-SL355M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 0.6M£6.46
AR0400105-SL356M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 1M£6.82
AR0400105-SL357M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 3M£7.97
AR0400105-SL358M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 5M£9.49
AR0400105-SL359M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 10M£13.28
AR0400105-SL400M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 15M£17.75
AR0400105-SL401M12-A Female 4 COND SLATE 20M£21.82
AR04AR117-TL355M12 Feml to M12 Female 2 pair TEAL 0.6M£33.85
AR04AR117-TL356M12 Female to M12 Female 2 pair TEAL 1M£15.97
AR04AR117-TL357M12 Female to M12 Female 2 pair TEAL 3M£16.46
AR04AR117-TL358M12 Female to M12 Female 2 pair TEAL 5M£45.24
AR04AR117-TL359M12 Feml to M12 Female 2 pair TEAL 10M£16.93
AR04AR117-TL400M12 Feml to M12 Female 2 pair TEAL 15M£17.41
AR04AR117-TL401M12 Feml to M12 Female 2 pair TEAL 20M£55.65
AR0500102-SL355M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 0.6M£8.43
AR0500102-SL356M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 1M£8.93
AR0500102-SL357M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 3M£10.40
AR0500102-SL358M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 5M£12.40
AR0500102-SL359M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 10M£17.34
AR0500102-SL400M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 15M£23.18
AR0500102-SL401M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 20M£28.51
AR0500106-SL355M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 0.6M£10.96
AR0500106-SL356M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 1M£11.60
AR0500106-SL357M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 3M£13.54
AR0500106-SL358M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 5M£16.10
AR0500106-SL359M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 10M£22.54
AR0500106-SL400M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 15M£30.12
AR0500106-SL401M12-A Female 5 COND SLATE 20M£37.04
AR0800103-SL355M12-A Female 8 COND SLATE 0.6M£15.53
Showing 241 - 280 of 398 Results Sort by
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