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Connector Accessories

Connector Accessories
Aerco supplies a complete package of military and commercial accessories to support our comprehensive range of connector franchises.

As a franchised distributor for Glenair we can supply any connector backshell requirement, from standard environmental grommet nuts and strain relief clamps through to shrink boot adaptors, qwik-ty backshells, extenders and EMI/RFI adaptors. In partnership with Glenair we can offer every mil-spec connector accessory ever documented, including every M85049 slash number, as well as protective caps, dummy stowage receptacles, nut plates and conduit accessories.

To complete our “one-stop” capability we offer a full range of Daniels connector tooling, covering crimp tools, insertion and extraction tools and adaptor tools.

Product Listing

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310AS001NF08Shrink boot adaptor, straight£0.00
310AS001NF16Shrink boot adaptor, straight£0.00
310AS001NF20Shrink boot adaptor, straight£43.12
310HH001NF15Shrink boot adaptor 45 degree£169.26
310HH001NF17Shrink boot adaptor 45 degree£143.08
310HJ001NF21Shrink boot adaptor 90 Angle£0.00
310HJ001NF25Shrink boot adaptor 90 Angle£0.00
310HS001NF09Shrink boot adaptor, straight£0.00
310HS001NF13Shrink boot adaptor, straight£0.00
310HS001NF15Shrink boot adaptor straight£0.00
310HS001NF21Shrink boot adaptor, straight£0.00
310HS001NF23Shrink boot adaptor, straight£0.00
311AA001N1403TClamp 90 Degree£0.00
311AC001NF1402EMI/RFI braid trap adaptor, size 14£0.00
311AS001M1204EMI/RFI shrink boot with strain relief.£0.00
311AS001M1403EEMI/RFI shrink boot with strain relief.£0.00
311AS001M1404EEMI/RFI shrink boot with strain relief.£0.00
311AS001M1604EMI/RFI shrink boot with strain relief.£0.00
311AS001M2004EMI/RFI shrink boot adaptor with clamp£0.00
311AS001M2005EMI/RFI shrink boot adaptor with clamp£0.00
311AS001M2205EMI/RFI shrink boot with strain relief.£103.54
311AS001N0802Clamp Straight£0.00
311AS001N1403TClamp Straight£0.00
311AS001N1805EMI/RFI shrink boot with strain relief.£57.60
311AS001N1805TEMI/RFI shrink boot with strain relief.£0.00
311AS001NF1003EMI/RFI shrink boot adaptor, size 10£0.00
311AS001Z11003EMI/RFI shrink boot adaptor£0.00
311AS001Z11003-49BEMI/RFI shrink boot adaptor£0.00
311AS001Z11203EMI/RFI shrink boot adaptor£0.00
311AS002N1002Clamp Straight£0.00
311BS002N1502AHeatshrink screened adaptor size 14/15£0.00
311DS002M1403TCable Clamp£0.00
311DS002N1404EMI/RFI shrink boot adaptor, size 14£0.00
311DS002NC1203EEMI/RFI shrink boot with strain relief.£0.00
311FS001M1404EEMI/RFI adaptor, D38999 series 1 & 2£0.00
311FS001M1802EBackshell EMI/RFI adaptor, D38999 1&II£0.00
Showing 1 - 40 of 280 Results Sort by
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 > >>