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Connectors - Circular

Connectors - Circular
Aerco stocks and assembles circular connectors from some of the world’s leading connector manufacturers.

Our vast range covers all the requirements for harsh environment connectors, including extremes of temperature, high shock and vibration, resistance to chemicals, salt spray and fluids, and environmental sealing to IP67 and IP68. Our connectors meet the demands of the military, aerospace, marine, mass transportation and industrial markets. We stock military circular connectors qualified to all the major specifications, most notably: Mil-DTL-D38999, Mil-C-5015, Mil-C-26482 series 1 and 2 and Mil-C83723.

Whatever your application we have a connector to meet your needs. Whether you have a need for high power, high density signalling, high speed transmission, Ethernet connection or need to meet exacting EMC standards, we can provide a solution.

Product Listing

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MS3476W-24-31SWPlug Female Crimp Cts£33.52
MS3476W-24-31SXPlug Female Crimp Cts£33.52
MS3476W-24-31SYPlug Female Crimp Cts£33.52
MS3476W-24-31SZPlug Female Crimp Cts£33.52
MS3476W-24-61PNPlug Male Crimp Cts£29.18
MS3476W-24-61PWPlug Male Crimp Cts£29.18
MS3476W-24-61PXPlug Male Crimp Cts£29.18
MS3476W-24-61PYPlug Male Crimp Cts£29.18
MS3476W-24-61PZPlug Male Crimp Cts£29.18
MS3476W-24-61SNPlug Female Crimp Cts£32.67
MS3476W-24-61SWPlug Female Crimp Cts£32.67
MS3476W-24-61SXPlug Female Crimp Cts£32.67
MS3476W-24-61SYPlug Female Crimp Cts£32.67
MS3476W-24-61SZPlug Female Crimp Cts£32.67
MS3476W-8-33PNPlug Male Crimp Cts£16.60
MS3476W-8-33PWPlug Male Crimp Cts£16.60
MS3476W-8-33PXPlug Male Crimp Cts£16.60
MS3476W-8-33PYPlug Male Crimp Cts£16.60
MS3476W-8-33PZPlug Male Crimp Cts£16.60
MS3476W-8-33SNPlug Female Crimp Cts£16.31
MS3476W-8-33SWPlug Female Crimp Cts£16.31
MS3476W-8-33SXPlug Female Crimp Cts£16.31
MS3476W-8-33SYPlug Female Crimp Cts£16.31
MS3476W-8-33SZPlug Female Crimp Cts£16.31
MS3476W-8-98PNPlug Male Crimp Cts£16.60
MS3476W-8-98PWPlug Male Crimp Cts£16.60
MS3476W-8-98PXPlug Male Crimp Cts£16.60
MS3476W-8-98PYPlug Male Crimp Cts£16.60
MS3476W-8-98PZPlug Male Crimp Cts£16.60
MS3476W-8-98SNPlug Female Crimp Cts£16.34
MS3476W-8-98SWPlug Female Crimp Cts£16.34
MS3476W-8-98SXPlug Female Crimp Cts£16.34
MS3476W-8-98SYPlug Female Crimp Cts£16.34
MS3476W-8-98SZPlug Female Crimp Cts£16.34
SB-18-FPGGasket Sealing Fron panel (Grp B)£0.68
SB-18-RPG-SGasket Sealing Front panel Screening (C)£5.96
SB-22-FPGGasket Sealing Front panel (Grp B)£0.75
SB-22-FPG-SGasket sealing Rear panel Screening (C)£6.12
SB-32-FPGGasket Sealing Front panel (Grp B)£0.93
Showing 14641 - 14679 of 14679 Results Sort by
<< < ... 361 362 363 364 365 366 367