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Here is our selection of relays and bases that are aimed at various market sectors that range from CECC qualified and MIL SPEC relays from Hi-G Italia to over 400 lines of the hermetically sealed relays and bases designed for the military and aerospace markets from Barnbrook. Our vast range also includes solid state relays, power relays and general purpose relays.

Product Listing

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1008Base (Relay)£0.00
1008-1Base (Relay)£0.00
18047Stud (socket mounting) RR01804700£12.12
18049Seal - (For relay base 18046)£7.13
19773Relay Base£0.00
19775Base (Relay) 10 way Crimped£0.00
19776Relay Base (stud)£9.53
19778Contact Wire 16-18-20 AWG 607-19778£14.69
19779Contact Wire sizes 22-24-26 AWG£0.00
19814-1Seal RR01981401£0.00
19814-2Seal (Group C)£0.00
418538Base (Relay) 14 way Crimped contacts£171.07
418540Contact (Socket) assembly£8.00
418665Base (Relay) 14 way Crimped contacts£176.62
418703Base (Relay) 14 way Soldered contacts£195.47
418703-1Base (Relay) 14 way Soldered contacts£210.80
418818Screw Socket assembly£24.32
419065Contact Socket Assembly£8.00
419911Base (Relay) 10 way Soldered contacts£153.50
420204Base (Relay) 8 way Crimped contacts£143.47
420280Contact (Socket) wire sizes 12-18 AWG£22.35
420282Gasket (Mounting Pad) Silicone (Grp X)£0.00
420283Socket Screw assembly£24.32
4213270-1Base (Relay)£0.00
4223-1Base (Relay) 8 way Solder Contacts£129.03
4223-2Base (Relay) 8 way Solder eyelet term'S£117.06
422351Base (Relay) 10 way Crimped contacts£128.30
423174-1Base (Relay) 8 Way SE210-1001(A)£171.05
423175-1Base (Relay)£0.00
423175-2Base (Relay)£0.00
423176-1Relay Base - Crimped Terminals AC£68.31
423176-2Relay Base - DC£65.99
423262Base (Relay)£0.00
423262-HARDWAREHardware for 423262 base£152.89
Showing 1 - 40 of 766 Results Sort by
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