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Our mains and signal RFI/EMI products range from chassis mount filters, PCB mount filters to filtered terminals. The shielding RFI/EMI products include knitted wire meshes, knitted mesh tapes and bandages for wrapping cable assemblies as well as circuit board shielding.

Product Listing

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DUT429MEMI Filter L circuit type Panel mtg 5A£39.25
FLTM-C-1000-LT2Filter Feed Thru 1000PF +80% -20% 500V£16.38
FLTM-P-5000EMI Filter Pi Circuit 5000pF Silver pltd£18.84
FLTM-P-680-ETS-QFilter RFI 680pF£17.25
MLT-L-1000-5Filter Panel Mount L Circuit£51.19
SLT-P-1500-PC2Filter 1500(pf) 10Adc PC Mount 1 Leg£13.65
SLT-P-1500-PC3Filter 1500(pf) 10Adc PC Mount 3 Legs£15.30
SLT-P-5000-SPRFI Filter Pi circuit Solder mtg. 5000pF£8.51
Showing 41 - 48 of 48 Results Sort by
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