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Surplus Stock

Surplus Stock
The following items are in stock and not allocated to specific customer orders. All these items are new, and most have manufacturer's traceable CofC available.

Product Listing

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0034-3114Fuse Ceramic 5x20mm Antisurge (T) 500mA£0.31
0062/015723Connector kit, TPWS2 Tray Connector£23.57
0120182-20RG1Contact crimp female. CMD812 series£3.59
0-1478762-9Backshell Straight Diecast 9 Way£6.46
0163413282613Pressure switch 42V ACT 465 DEACT 405£53.37
0180-4610310212Switch, pressure 10-100 BAR£0.00
0200342-20RNIContact Female 1.34-2mmsq£4.07
020-315-1020Contacts, female, S series£2.30
031-8521-000Contact, female, crimp, silver plated£19.44
05-3100-10-35PFree plug,male cts,crimp, NO REAR THREAD£31.05
060-30P-KP2-L-SPKinky Pin Silver Plated£0.35
063879-000RFixing nut£7.32
06-600-10-RCConnector, plug, 3 x 2 pin DIP£0.00
0900-000-5106Cable clamp£5.85
0902-000-9902Locking Lever, left side£0.86
0902-000-9903Locking Lever, right side£0.86
0902-000-9911Insert Cable top entry for round cables£1.75
0902-000-9953Fixing bracket for connector£1.77
0902-000-9954Fixing bracket for connector£1.77
0902-064-0502Shell housing for female connector£10.28
0902-164-6823Connector Female PCB 64 way solder£7.96
0902-264-6825NRConnector Female PCB 64 way solder£4.42
0903-196-0821Connector Female PCB 96 way£4.42
0903-196-2921Connector Male 2-PART PCB 96 way£4.57
0903-196-6921Connector Male PCB 96 way£3.89
0903-196-7922Connector PCB 96 way£3.65
0903-278-6805Connector Female PCB 78 way£10.77
0903-296-6821Connector Female PCB 96 way£6.29
0903-296-6825Connector backplane Female PCB 96 Way£3.73
0903-296-7825Connector Female PCB 96 way£2.95
0906-015-2913Connector rectangular, 15 w male solder£13.54
0906-215-2871Connector Backplane Female 15way, 2 row£8.12
0906-248-6826Connector Female PCB£8.25
0912-005-3001Insert, 5 way, male, crimp£4.02
0915-000-6122Contact male Crimp Gold plate (0.75-1mm)£0.78
0915-000-6222Contact female Crimp Gold plate(0.75-1mm£0.85
0915-300-0402RJ45 plug, cat 5e, shielded. Bayonet£40.29
0918-510-6324Connector IDC 10 way£1.47
Showing 1 - 40 of 17257 Results Sort by
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