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Surplus Stock

Surplus Stock
The following items are in stock and not allocated to specific customer orders. All these items are new, and most have manufacturer's traceable CofC available.

Product Listing

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0.1MM2C-ESpiral cable£0.00
0.1MM2C-PU-2Cable 0.1MM 2C PUR BLK£0.00
0.26MM3C/PU/2Cable 66/0.071 3C N.S PVC/PU BLK£0.94
0.26MM3C/PU/2/PCSCable 66/0.071 3C N.S PVC/PU BLK X 3M£0.00
0.52PR1308Cable 1/0.5MM 2PR N.S PVC CW1308£8.40
0.5MM2CSIHF/2Cable 0.5MM 2C SIHF BLK£0.57
0.5MM3C/YYTRICable, 0.5MM 3C N/C PVC TRI STD YY£0.63
0.5MM8CFB5LDPE/2Cable 8c x 16/0.2mm, LDPE, ALIx2 Black£0.00
0.75MM1QCT/6Cable 0.75MM 1 Quad BS5308 Part 1 Type 1£0.00
0.75MM-2CORE-SIHF-BLACK0.75mm squared 2 core - SIHF Black£0.00
0.75MM2CTHERMFLEX180Cable 0.75MM 2C THERMFLEX 180 BLK£1.28
0.75MM3183B/2Cable 0.75MM 3C N.S 3183B BLK LSF£0.15
0.75MM3C/ECable 0.75MM 3C ETIRO EXTENSIBLE£0.00
0.75MM3C/LSZH0.75MM 3C LSZH DATAFLAMM - 52356£1.24
0.75MM3C/SYCable 0.75MM 3C GSWB PVC SY£0.67
0.75MM4C-BLUE-BS5308-PT2/TY1Cable 0.75MM 4C BS5308 pt2 ty1 PVC£0.00
0.75MM5C/CYCable 0.75MM 5C B.S LIYCY£0.63
0.75MM5C/YYCable .75MM 5C N.S PVC YY£0.57
0.75MM7C/CY/PURCable 0.75MM 7C B.S 512C-PUR£4.06
0.75MM7C/YYCable 0.75MM 7C Colour/C PVC YY 11034£0.92
0.75MM7C/YYTRICable 0.75MM 7C N/C PVC TRI STD YY£1.85
00170430102Contact Female sz16 AWG£0.00
001751-108-00Terminal Junction Module£0.00
001751-115-00Terminal Junction Module£0.00
001755-101-02Sealed Module Type 5 amp£0.00
001755-302-02Terminal Junction Module£0.00
001755-304-02Terminal Junction Module£0.00
001755-305-02Terminal Junction Module£0.00
001755-402-02Terminal Junction Module£0.00
001755-503-02Terminal Junction Module£0.00
001762-003-04Terminal Junction Module£0.00
001765-201-02Terminal Junction Module£0.00
001766-110-02Terminal Junction Module£0.00
0034-3114Fuse Ceramic 5x20mm Antisurge (T) 500mA£0.31
0062/015723Connector kit, TPWS2 Tray Connector£21.60
0062/015799Connector 7 way mating half£0.00
0062/015800Connector 6 way mating half£0.00
0062/016057Connector kit 10W TPWS speech straight£0.00
0087/980181Connector kit£0.00
Showing 1 - 40 of 43711 Results Sort by
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