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Surplus Stock

Surplus Stock
The following items are in stock and not allocated to specific customer orders. All these items are new, and most have manufacturer's traceable CofC available.

Product Listing

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FM17W2P5Connector plug 15way+2cavity D type£4.26
FM17W2SConnector socket 15way+2cavity D type£3.56
FM17W2S1-K121Connector socket 15way+2cavity D type£4.21
FM17W2S5-K121Connector socket 15way+2cavity D type£0.00
FM21W1P-K120Connector plug 20way+1cavity D type£8.18
FM21W1S5-K121Connector socket 20way+1cavity D type£12.38
FM21WA4P2Connector plug 17way+4cavity D type£3.18
FM21WA4P5-K120Connector plug 17way+4cavity D type£8.49
FM21WA4P-K120Connector plug 17way+4cavity D type£7.50
FM21WA4SConnector socket 17way+4cavity D type£3.87
FM21WA4S1-K121Connector socket 17way+4cavity D type£5.37
FM21WA4S5Connector socket 17way+4cavity D type£6.08
FM24W7P-K120Connector plug 17way+7cavity D type£7.31
FM24W7S-K121Connector socket 17way+7cavity D type£9.38
FM25S1-K197Connector socket 25way straight PCB (D)£7.93
FM27W2PConnector plug pin 25way+2cavity D type£3.85
FM27W2P-K120Connector plug pin 25way+2cavity D type£10.48
FM27W2SConnector socket 25way+2cavity D type£5.00
FM27W2S-K121Connector socket 25way+2cavity D type£13.72
FM36W4P1-1480Connector plug 32way + 4cavity D type£5.26
FM3W3PConnector plug 3 cavity D type£0.73
FM3W3P-3343Connector plug 3 cavity D type£0.00
FM3W3P-K120Connector plug 3 cavity D type£1.21
FM3W3P-K121Connector plug 3 cavity D type£1.24
FM3W3SConnector socket 3 cavity D type£0.73
FM3W3S-3343Connector socket 3 cavity D type£0.00
FM3W3S-K121Connector socket 3 cavity D type£1.24
FM43W2P2-K120D-sub combo, 43 way male, 2 X sz 8£0.00
FM43W2P-K120D-sub combo, 43 way male, 2 X sz 8£16.20
FM43W2S-K121D-sub combo, 43 way female, 2 X sz 8£21.45
FM5W5PConnector plug 5 cavity D type£0.83
FM5W5P-1643Connector plug 5 cavity D type£1.79
FM5W5P-K120Connector plug 5 cavity D type£1.89
FM5W5SConnector socket 5 cavity D type£0.97
FM5W5S-K121Connector socket 5 cavity D type£1.89
FM7W2PConnector plug pin 5way+2cavity D type£1.45
FM7W2P1Connector plug pin 5way+2cavity D type£1.54
FM7W2P1-1317Connector plug pin 5way+2cavity D type£2.32
FM7W2P1-K120Connector plug pin 5way+2cavity D type£1.86
FM7W2P1-K299Connector plug pin 5way+2cavity D type£3.40
Showing 33281 - 33320 of 43711 Results Sort by
<< < ... 830 831 832 833 834 835 836 ... > >>