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Winter Woes

Two planes on a runway in the snowYou may be familiar with the film, “Planes Trains and Automobiles”, a movie starring the great Steve Martin and the late, great, John Candy. This film follows the adventures and misadventures of Steve Martin’s character as he struggles to get home for the Thanksgiving Holiday, initially hindered, but eventually helped by John Candy’s character.

This film is almost a documentary. At the end of November, the transport system of the USA goes into meltdown as everyone tries to get home for the holiday. Planes fill up with passengers, and freight tends to be pushed onto the back burner, causing delays in deliveries.

Then, we have Christmas. Obstructing the US Mail is a Federal Offence, punishable by imprisonment. I have known Freight Consignments to be taken off Aircraft to be replaced by Christmas Cards, and it is a very brave and foolish Cargo Master who objects.

And if that isn’t bad enough, we have the weather. Warm, moist air is drawn up from the Gulf of Mexico, and slams into Arctic blasts from the north, creating super cells that dump huge amounts of snow on the Eastern Seaboard, that take days to clear, exacerbating existing delays in the shipment of goods.

So, as we move into winter, if you are sourcing goods from the USA, it is a wise virgin who keeps her lamp trimmed, or in this case, it is a Wise buyer who gets his order in early.

If you have a requirement for December or January, or even February, call us now to discuss scheduled deliveries. Better that your goods are on our shelves rather than sitting on the tarmac in New Jersey. It’s all about flattening the curves.

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