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Oxley LED lamps in stock at Aerco

Three Oxley LED lamps in various coloursNow in stock at Aerco, the distributor and stockist of electrical and electronic components servicing hi-rel markets, is the OXL/CLH/100 range of LED lamps that will find extensive applications in military and civil aircraft and vehicles.

Offering the inherent advantages of LED technology that include: greater reliability, safety and durability, improved efficiency, lower operating temperatures and operating costs, the CLH/100 series has a 10mm mounting, an 80° or 100° viewing angle and is sealed to IP66.

With an operating and storage temperature of -40 to 85°C, the range is available in standard and high intensity versions offering a luminous intensity from 34 to 1,250mcd.   Current rating is 15 or 20A and a range of voltage options provide a high degree of design flexibility.

The range is built with an aluminium black nickel body and is available in low profile or prominent format with flush mounting.

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Aerco stocks new range of stainless steel lamps from Oxley

Oxley stainless steel lampAerco now stocks the new range of stainless steel lamps from Oxley developed to meet the growing customer demand for robust, corrosion-resistant solutions in the military, aerospace, industrial and other markets that operate in highly challenging environments.

The lamps are made in stainless steel grade 303 as standard and marine-grade 316 if required and the range includes an 8mm panel sealed lamp and an 8mm sealed top and rear version.  Both are protected to IP68 and therefore suitable for external applications and are available with EMI shielding.  The stainless steel and glass construction provides a rugged and reliable product with an operating temperature range between -40 and +85°C.

As with all of the Oxley lamps, these high performance products are available in a wide variety of configurations to suit the required application.  A range of high intensity colours is available including red, green, yellow, blue and white and a variety of terminations can be selected for ease of installation.  The lamps are available with a domed or convex lens alongside a selection of voltage and current options.

These new lamps are suitable for a wide range of applications with the 303 grade lamps ideal for use in aircraft fittings, electrical switchgear components and gear and shaft mechanisms while the grade 316 option will appeal to designers working in applications such as food preparation, laboratories, coastal architecture installations and quarry and mining. 


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Aerco stocks military quality optical filters for commercial applications

Oxley optical filters in various shades

As the UK master distributor for the Oxley Group, Aerco now stocks a range of commercial optical filters.  Oxley has long established reputation for manufacturing NVIS (night vision imaging systems) filters for aircraft and other military systems and has now developed military quality filters for applications such as medical and scientific equipment and quality control and test systems.
Various types of broadband anti-reflection filters are available including: longpass, shortpass and bandpass filters.  Cold and hot mirrors, used to transmit or reflect unwanted heat from a system, reflective neutral density filters to reduce spectral output and ITO windows used to provide electrical continuity across the surface of a glass filter are also available.
Oxley filters are available in glass as standard and are available with a choice of standard finishes including: anti-reflection coatings,   EMI shield coatings (ITO) or mesh, diffusion and environmental protection coatings .  Other finishes are available on request.
Coated filters are available for the visible or infrared spectral regions and are produced on 1mm thick high quality borofloat substrate and are available in sizes of 25mm diameter and 25mm and 50mm squares. 

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Aerco stocks DESC qualified LED panel lamps from Oxley

Oxley LED panel lamps in various colours

Aerco now stocks the Oxley range of panel-mount LED indicators qualified against DESC controlled drawings 85122 and 87019.  These high specification lamps are protected to IP68 and 100% screened against Table I and II of DESC drawings including: burn-in, seal, temperature cycling and luminous intensity testing.

With an MTBF rating in excess of 90,000 hours these rugged DESC panel indicator lamps are suitable for the most demanding industrial and military applications.  They are available in 8mm mounting with flying lead or spill terminations, in various viewing angles and are supplied in red, green and yellow. 

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Hi-temp surface-mount test points from Aerco

Aerco stocks and supplies on quick delivery the Oxley SMOX, a unique high temperature PCB test terminal that provides accurate line tests during PCB assembly.
SMOX is designed specifically to be used with ROHS compliant lead-free solders such as 96S (re-flow at 220°C) and is supplied loose or on tape and reel for ease of assembly.  Its unique retention mechanism enhances reliability through low stress contact.
The SMOX connection system is the only surface-mount ball and socket test point available on the market and has a specially designed socket for easy low contact resistance and gentle detachment.
Requiring a minimum pad size of only 2mm and being a single pole device, SMOX can be placed accurately by hand or any pick and place machine even when space is restricted.



Enhanced Oxley BA9 LED lamps from Aerco

 Oxley BA9 LED bulbs Now available from Aerco is a new version of the popular Oxley BA9 LED bulbs that incorporates the latest surface mount technology to improve performance and expand capability.

Designed as a fit-and-forget replacement for traditional filament panel lamps, these enhanced lamps achieve the required intensity levels while avoiding the ‘hot spot’ issues and the inconsistencies in light spread inherent in discrete flat-topped LEDs.

In addition to increased intensity, these new lamps provide enhanced colour uniformity, even illumination, sealing to IP66 and increased reliability, particularly at the higher end of the voltage range.  Also, a reduction in overall length simplifies assembly and widens the range of potential applications.  Available in white, warm white, yellow, blue, green and red, the bulbs have a cut-out diameter of 9.8mm and a voltage range of 12 to 60VAC.

AE 913 04/02/2014


New Oxley LED lamps from Aerco meet growing demand for 10mm versions

Oxley 10mm LED panel lamp

Aerco now stocks a new 10mm LED panel lamp from Oxley Developments that is based on the popular Oxley 8mm range and developed to meet growing demand for 10mm lamps. 

The new STR/LH10, designed primarily for the military and aerospace markets, is sealed to IP68, available with EMI shielding and suitable for the most challenging of environments.  Rugged and reliable, they are made from a metal and glass construction and have an operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C.

As with other Oxley lamps, the STR/LH10 range offers a wide variety of configurations with a broad selection of voltage and current options to suit many different applications.  They are available in high intensity colours including red, green, yellow, blue and white and a variety of terminations to provide simple and inexpensive installation.  The lamps are available with a domed or convex lens and bespoke versions can also be supplied.

AE 584 11/03/2014


New and improved LED panel lamps from Aerco

Oxley BA9 bulb-replacement LED panel lampsThe popular and recently re-designed range of BA9 bulb-replacement LED panel lamps from Oxley is now available from Aerco.

Incorporating the latest surface mount technology to enhance performance and expand capability, these improved lamps achieve the required intensity levels while avoiding the ‘hot spot’ issues and inconsistencies in the spread of light inherent in discrete flat-topped LEDs.

Other features include increased intensity, improved uniformity of colour, even illumination, sealing to IP68 and NVIS characteristics enabling night vision compatibility.  The new lamps are also easier to assemble thanks to a reduction in overall length and have increased reliability, particularly at the higher end of the voltage range.

AE523 24/3/2012

Aerco To Supply Oxley Filter Solutions

January 2013

Under the renewed terms of a trading agreement with Oxley, the Cumbria-based manufacturer of electronic components, Aerco will supply a wide range of EMI/RFI filters to suit many different types of applications.

Oxley supplies chassis and PCB filters that include solder, threaded, press fit and taped and reeled surface mount styles all available either environmentally or hermetically sealed.  Oxley also offers a bespoke service under which variants of standard products or completely new-build products are developed for special applications on a short timescale.      

Paul Bandy, product manager at Aerco said: “Oxley is a leading specialist in the effective suppression of electromagnetic interference supplying a comprehensive range of EMI filters and filter solutions.  Our sales support team work closely with Oxley engineers to solve EMC problems quickly and effectively.”

Oxley appoints Aerco as its Master UK Distributor

4 Oxley Developments Staff Members behind a deskOxley Developments Company has appointed Aerco as its master distributor in the UK.  Aerco has been a franchised distributor for the Oxley range of interconnect terminal test points, RFI discrete filters, LED indicators, event counters and elapsed time indicators since 2008 and will now handle all direct sales in the UK.  Oxley will continue to serve the major programmes of OEM customers directly.

Aerco has an impressive record in supplying a wide range of electronic and electromechanical components to the aerospace, military and commercial market sectors.  This appointment is intended to capitalise on this expertise and the strong working relationship between Oxley and Aerco to improve the service to UK customers in terms of delivery times and access to product expertise and design support.

Steve Wells, business director of Oxley Developments Company, Components Business Unit, said: ‘We are making significant investment in our manufacturing capability and new product development programme, particularly in EMI and we believe that Aerco’s experience and capability will play an important part in this exciting new phase of development at Oxley.’