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Barnbrook Blue Cube wireless sensor hub delivers real time data to mobile devices - now available at Aerco
04/10/2017 17:02:21 NewsBarnbrook Systems News

Blue Cube wireless sensor hub delivers measurement and sensing data

including GPS position and tracking in real time to mobile devices

Maintain reliability and safety of systems remotely; sensing options include GPS, shock and vibration, temperature & pressure, voltage, current and switch operation 

Barnbrook’s Blue Cube wireless sensor hub enables real time data to be delivered remotely to mobile devices and PCs and is now available from Aerco, the distributor and stockist of electrical and electronic components servicing hi-rel markets. Blue Cube is an award-winning wireless sensor system originally developed to monitor the condition of onboard systems in trains, tracking them in real time to make sure they are running efficiently, avoiding delays and cancellations due to system failures. Winner of two major rail industry awards, the innovative Blue Cube wireless sensor hub system with Blue Cube Cloud can now be applied across multiple sectors, including defence and aerospace. This ability to monitor critical systems remotely ensures they remain safe and reliable at all times.

The Blue Cube sensor hub is easy to install either as a standalone or wired in system, with up to 8 channels per device, to send data in real time as an SMS or e mail alert via PC, smartphone (iPhone and Android) or tablet. The Blue Cube wireless sensor hub offers six measurement options: voltage, current, temperature/pressure, shock & vibration, GPS for position and tracking, and switch operation. Supplied in a metal enclosure, Blue Cube is EMC tested and approved, so will not impact on nearby devices.  Its quick-fit design is inexpensive to install, plus the system is modular and fully expandable.

The Blue Cube wireless sensor hub transmits data status updates and GPS information to the Blue Cube Cloud and in turn to user devices including Smartphone, tablet and PCs via PC client, thin client, web browser or App. Blue Cube hardware systems are fully compatible with the iSense Software Suite, which is user and password protected and allows different user profiles to be configured (view only, monitor & reporting; sensor control; system & sensor health reporting and diagnostics).  All data is analysed against key data parameters, with alerts sent to the customer alone or monitored via 24/7 enterprise managed services.

The standard Blue Cube monitoring system comprises the Blue Cube data collection/transmission unit, an external GPS antenna and external GSM antenna, the Blue Cube I/O connectivity unit with 4 switch input ports, 3 analogue current ports and the Red Cube 9-32VDC trickle charging unit complete with connection cable to the Blue Cube.  There is an option to re-package standard off-the-shelf Blue Cube solutions into custom housings for specific applications and more information on this option can be obtained from Aerco's Design Support service.

To learn more about products at Aerco, please message us  or call us on 01403 260206.

Honeywell IHM Series Aerospace Proximity Sensors reduce maintenance costs and increase flight hours
04/10/2017 16:58:55 Honeywell NewsNews

Enhanced vibration and EMI specification; hermetic sealing; design to meet requirements of today’s composite aircraft

September 2017: Aerco, the distributor and stockist of electrical and electronic components servicing hi-rel markets, is now stocking Honeywell’s IHM Series Aerospace Proximity Sensors, which boast industry-leading indirect lightning and dielectric ruggedness, plus enhanced vibration and EMI specifications to meet challenging applications found in today’s composite aircraft.  Highly accurate and reliable, Honeywell IHM Series Aerospace Proximity Sensors are non-contact devices designed to sense the presence or absence of a target, providing on/off output, plus they can also be configured with an optional health monitoring output to the host system.

Honeywell IHM Series Proximity Sensors have a hermetically-sealed, all-welded stainless steel construction for exceptional robustness and durability in harsh environments, eliminating any potential for contamination. Due to their non-contact design technology, Honeywell IHM Series Proximity Sensors detect the presence or absence of a target regardless of the often very dirty conditions in which they operate, thereby eliminating mechanical failure mechanisms, increasing revenue and reducing maintenance costs by increasing Mean Time Between Failures (MTBFs) and so minimising downtime.  A further feature of the IHM Series Sensors is the optional third output state to indicate the health of the sensor (whether operating optimally or failed), which again reduces maintenance time and delayed flights, helping to lower overall maintenance costs across the lifetime of the aircraft. 

Honeywell has over 30 years’ experience designing proximity sensors for military and commercial aircraft, and designed the IHM Series with its patented FAVCO (Fixed Amplitude Variable Current Oscillator) technology circuit. The sensor is considered an improvement on traditional ECKO (Eddy Current Killed Oscillator) topology, which was the previous standard for aerospace applications. Honeywell IHM Series Aerospace Proximity Sensors detect and display a greater percentage of internal failure modes than competitive products. Examples of suitable aircraft applications include: status of doors (open/closed/locked); cargo loading latch detection (pallet locked); evacuation slide door-lock mechanism (correct actuation); flight controls (flap and slat skew/position and spoiler position); landing gear (uplock, downlock and Weight on Wheels) and Thrust Reverser Actuation System (TRAS) (stowed or deployed status). 

Contact Paul Bandy to find out more about this product.

Smiths Interconnect miniature Snaptac™ Connectors for wearable soldier systems now at Aerco
12/09/2017 15:02:00 News

Smiths Interconnect miniature Snaptac™ Connectors deliver exceptional signal integrity and EMI shielding for wearable soldier systems in contaminated military environments

 First spring-loaded hi-rel range with hyperboloid contacts; sealed to IP67 - now available at Aerco

Smiths Interconnect Snaptac™ series of circular and rectangular miniature snap fit connectors is now available from Aerco, the distributor and stockist of electrical and electronic components servicing hi-rel markets. The Snaptac series is an ultra-reliable, extremely robust hi-rel interconnect system for use in dirty and contaminated environments, such as land-based military scenarios, where fast and easy mating/unmating are needed.   Lightweight and compact, Snaptac connectors suit multiple military applications, including tactical communications equipment and lightweight, wearable soldier systems that are vital to modern warfare.

Snaptac connectors combine Smiths Interconnect’s proprietary high-reliability hyperboloid contact technology in a spring-loaded form factor for the first time, enabling extended operation within a sealed while unmated connector system. The unique Smiths Interconnect hyperboloid contact technology is resistant to shock and vibration while the compressible HyperSpring® spring loaded contacts inside cannot be damaged or bent from mishandling.  As Snaptac connector series contacts have a target and chisel blade contact mechanism with an inherent self-cleaning wiping action that removes surface contamination, potential mating and connectivity problems (such as those which occur when the bores of conventional socket contacts are contaminated with mud and other detritus) does not occur. In addition, both plug and receptacle have sealed when unmated characteristics. 

Snaptac connectors are available as circular interconnects with 7, 13 and 19 contacts, AWG 28 – 24 or rectangular connectors with 12, 21 and 30 contacts. Both are available with and without over-moulding, plus the circular connectors can also be supplied in a 90° overmoulded version. Receptacle styles are solder cup, or straight through.  Locking mechanisms are simple and fast: snap on for the circular connector range and push-pull for the rectangular range.  Snaptac connectors are sealed to IP67 when in mated or unmated condition and incorporate full line EMI shielding, with dust caps available to ensure full EMI shielding and protection when in the unmated condition. They can be mated and un-mated up to 10,000 cycles. Operating temperature range is -55degC to +85degC.

Electrical characteristics for both the circular and rectangular ranges are 360° EMI shielding, current rating 3A@25degC per contact, dielectric withstanding voltage between contacts of 500 Vrms at sea level and 150 Vrms at 21336m. Contact resistance (low level) is 15 mΩ for each contact; insulation resistance is 5000 MΩ at 500 VDC. 

To learn more about products at Aerco, please message us  or call us on 01403 260206.