Marine Connectors

TT Electronics AB Connectors have many years experience in supporting UK naval applications. They offer a number of solutions with corrosion resistant shells which, with the use of appropriate backshells, will prevent ingress despite immersion in several metres of water.

Commonly they are made from a salt spray resistant alloy of nickel-aluminium-bronze. The Mark 18 range is UK MOD Pattern 608 approved, and for higher contact densities the Mark 38 is available.

To allow the many operational benefits of Mil-DTL-38999 to be transferred to the marine environment, the Mark 35 can be used. Again, this is manufactured from marine bronze and meets the requirements of CECC75201-002. The choice of Mark 35 is further supported through Aerco’s assembly of this range.

To complete the offering, the Mark 22 is used to terminate heavy duty naval cables. It’s approved to VG96930 and is available in stainless steel or hard anodised aluminium alloy.