Military and Defence Connectors

TT Electronics AB connectors can be found across all major military land systems, including communications, control equipment, and power distribution in land vehicles and generator sets.

The AB05 range is assembled by Aerco. It’s based on Mil-C-26482 and conforms to the stringent requirements of BS9522 F0017. It’s miniature size, bayonet coupling and IP67 sealing make it the ideal choice for applications across multiple military platforms.

An extensive range of Mil-C-5015 connectors are offered, both the direct equivalent to the threaded MS version, SBMS, and the positive bayonet coupling version, ABB.

NATO approved intervehicle slave start connectors enable the quick re-start of disabled military vehicles. Together with SBORD trailer connectors these provide the total package for military land vehicle support. To meet the demand for increasing power, TT offers the Pola Power® range, a single pole connector rated at 600A, 500 mating cycles and 360˚ RFI/EMI screened.