Rail Transportation Connectors

TT Electronics AB Connectors provides solutions to many of the world’s largest rail transportation companies. Their connectors meet the demands for power distribution and data transfer across the complete range of rolling stock applications, inter-car jumpers, and trackside signalling and controlling equipment. Connectors are based on the circular bayonet  Mil-C 5015 and VG95324 specifications and are supplied under TT’s mass transit IRIS certification.

All connectors, as standard, have low fire hazard, halogen free insulators which meet specification NFF16-101, and are supplied with RoHS compliant black zinc cobalt plating finish.

The ABCIRH range offers extensive design choice, with contact layouts from 1-95 ways, IP67 sealing and rated currents up to 150A. The ABCIRP range is a modular version of this, with removable insulators offering users even greater design flexibility. Insulators are approved to EN45545 HL3 R22/R23.

Completing this family are the ABMP and Steadishield® ranges. ABMP is designed for high speed data communication, utilising a combination of coaxial, twin-ax, tri-ax, quadrax or octrain® contacts to allow data speeds of up to 10B base-T. The Steadishield® takes this further, featuring a metallized insert which allows engineers to terminate multiple screen conductors within a single connector.

The ABCIRP and ABMP ranges are both assembled at Aerco