TT Electronics

Aerco is a franchised distributor for TT Electronics.

TT Electronics are a Global manufacturer providing innovative solutions for power distribution, instrumentation, and sensing and control across a number of key markets such as aerospace and defence, healthcare, rail transportation, industrial automation, energy, and utilities networks.

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Aerco’s partnership with TT supports their major connector brand, AB Connectors. Aerco offer a value-added assembly for a number of the AB’s connectors products, and in addition to this service, we support much of AB’s product offering with extensive stock, ensuring low MOQ’S, quick deliveries and competitive pricing.

AB Connectors specialise in the manufacture of complex electrical connectors and interconnection systems for Aerospace and Defence, rail transportation, and the industrial and marine markets.

Rail Transportation Connectors
Rail Connectors
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Defence Connectors
Marine Connectors
Marine Connectors