Alpha Wire

Aerco was appointed as a franchised distributor for Alpha Wire in 2009 and has grown to be one of the largest stockists in EMEA.

Alpha Wire has a heritage of over 95 years manufacturing wire, cable, wire management and heat-shrink products that offer superior performance and reliability across demanding applications. Today’s advanced technology companies have come to rely on Alpha Wire branded products for their most critical cable and wire requirements.

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Alpha Wire provides wire and cable for use in applications such as, motors, drives, semiconductors, medical, military, material handling, solar power, wind power, packaging, and paper industries.

With the acquisition of Coast Wire & Plastics in 2014 Alpha wire added an extra dimension to the product range, offering Bespoke/Custom wire and cable from as little as 500ft lengths. Alpha Wire and Aerco’s engineering team will work with you to optimise your design and the manufacturing process to attain cost, quality, and design objectives. You will get the best combination of electrical, mechanical, and environmental properties matched to your requirements.

Aerco is accredited to Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to respool cable and wire products meaning that Aerco can offer product to your required size with full lot traceability.

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