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AlphaWire Xtra-Guard® Flex High-Performance Cable - now in stock at Aerco

12 Aug 2019

Xtra-Guard® Flex High Performance Cable from AlphaWire is now available from stock and on low MOQs from Aerco, the distributor and stockist of electrical and electronic components servicing hi-reliability markets.  Xtra-Guard Flex is a highly flexible cable that provides excellent performance in high flex, high torsion and continuous flexing applications. Available with PVC or PUR jacket and resistant to oil, chemicals, solvents, fuels and abrasion, the rounded geometry of Xtra-Guard Flex helps to ensure a liquid-tight installation compliant with IP67 or NEMA 6.  Designed for a wide variety of applications, including motion control, packaging, material handling, automotive and robotic equipment, Xtra-Guard Flex is available in four variants to optimize cable selection for individual applications.

Standard Flex Control Cable is suitable for light to moderate flexing for up to one million flex cycles and is rated at 600V. In sizes 20AWG to 2AWG, 18AWG and 16AWG, options include unshielded or 80% braid shield.

Continuous Flex Control Cable is, as its name implies, designed for continuous flexing for up to 14 million flex cycles and is rated at 600V. Sizes are 20AWG to 2AWG and in 16AWG with up to 50 conductors.  Again, there is the option of unshielded or 85% braid shield.

Continuous Flex Data Cable is also suitable for continuous flexing available from 28AWG to 22AWG, with up to 25 conductors and up to 14 pairs.  Rated at 300V and suitable for up to 6 million flex cycles, options included unshielded, foil and 90% spiral screen plus Supra-Shield®.

Torsional Flex Cable is suitable for 360° twisting from the neutral position and to one million flex cycles. Rated at 600V, it is available from 24AWG to 10AWG, with up to 7 conductors. Again, as an option to unshielded braid, EMI protection in the form of a 90% spiral screen can be selected.

Xtra-Guard Flex is part of the Alpha Wire range of Xtra-Guard high performance cables designed to provide the ultimate performance in extreme environments and minimise the high costs of downtime due to cable failure.

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