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DataTuff Single Pair Ethernet Cable

01 Jul 2024

When Single Pair Ethernet SPE was introduced, with one pair of wires inside, it was perfect for transmitting data via a short distance.  It was lighter, cheaper and easier to install and was ideal for applications such as the wiring inside automobiles. However, this is an area of technology that is constantly evolving and SPE cables are now designed to go further than ever before.

The DataTuff Single Pair Ethernet cables from Belden provide fast data communication and power to the network edge creating a simplified network and reducing the cable footprint.  Its reach has been extended and can now transmit data up to 1km with a bandwidth of 10 Mbps.  When used over shorter distances the bandwidth grows to 1 Gbps (40m).  Designed to withstand harsh industrial environments with robust shielding and jacketing options, it is suitable for many applications.

The cable supports Time-Sensitive Networking for real-time data, is compatible with IEEE and TIA standard connectors, and is easy to terminate for simple installation and maintenance using an Ethernet switch that supports SPE.

DataTuff SPE is ideal for manufacturing, connecting all the parts of the factory floor, allowing you to bring data from the edge of the network to the heart of the business.  Speak to Aerco to find out how Belden products can help your business make better decisions.

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