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Honeywell's HAPS & GAPS

09 Jul 2024

Honeywell's range of Proximity Sensors for Aerospace represents world-class technology used extensively in aircraft systems, including landing gear, flaps, slats, and doors. Their General Aerospace Proximity Sensors (GAPS) and Harsh Application Proximity Sensors (HAPS) are designed to detect the presence or absence of a ferrous metal target, with HAPS being tailored for more demanding aerospace conditions.

These sensors offer numerous advantages, such as their ability to withstand extremely high vibrations, making them ideal for the rugged conditions of aerospace applications. They feature integral monitoring capability with a true “three-state” output: target near, target far, and fault detected. This system provides accurate health monitoring of the sensor, reducing false positives or negatives, thanks to Honeywell’s proprietary FAVCO (Fixed Amplitude Variable Current Oscillator) technology.

The sensors come in various package configurations, including flange, threaded, integral connector, or pigtail, all of which are hermetically sealed to ensure reliability in harsh environments. The pigtail configuration also features an environmentally sealed wire-lead. Additionally, the internal sensing electronics are isolated from the external housing to protect against lightning and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Honeywell HAPS & GAPS

Built to last, Honeywell’s sensors do not require physical contact with the target, eliminating wear and tear, and boast a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 500,000 hours. Constructed from Inconel, a robust Nickel-Chromium alloy, these sensors are perfect for extreme environments.

Applications for GAPS sensors include aircraft landing gear (unlock, downlock, and weight-on-wheels), door positions (open, closed, and locked status), and evacuation slides. HAPS sensors are used in flight controls (flap and slat positions, spoiler position), thrust reverse actuation systems (stowed or deployed status), and engines, ensuring reliable operation in the most challenging conditions.

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Honeywell HAPS & GAPS

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