Wireless LAN / Industrial Wi-Fi

Industrial WiFi access points stand at the forefront of connectivity solutions, catering to diverse market verticals including railway, transportation, utilities, manufacturing, and mission-critical applications. Engineered to withstand the demanding environments inherent to these sectors, these access points ensure reliable and secure wireless communication networks, essential for the seamless operation of critical infrastructure.

With a focus on robustness, reliability, and scalability, industrial WiFi access points offer uninterrupted connectivity in challenging conditions, empowering industries to optimize processes and enhance productivity. From enabling real-time monitoring and control in transportation systems to facilitating remote asset management in utilities, these access points play a pivotal role in driving efficiency and innovation across various sectors.

By providing seamless wireless connectivity, industrial WiFi access points facilitate data transmission, enabling industries to leverage the power of connectivity for improved decision-making, operational efficiency, and enhanced safety.

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Picture of AP3400-2Wax


AP3400 Railway WiFi 6 Access Point
Manufacturer's Part Number: 942998055
Stock Availability: Call for Availability
Picture of BAT867-F Europe

BAT867-F Europe

Hirschmann BAT867-F Europe - 802.11ac IP65/IP67 WLAN Gateway, 2x2 MIMO, Dual Band, Europe, Accessories included
Manufacturer's Part Number: 942276201 / BAT867-F EUROPE
Stock Availability: Call for Availability