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Innovative Snaptac™ Miniature Snap Fit Connector Series from Smiths Interconnect

11 Feb 2019

The SnapTac® series of circular and rectangular miniature snap fit connectors from Smiths Interconnect is a lightweight, robust, high durability, quick release connector, offering exceptional signal integrity and designed to meet demanding operational specifications, such as those required in Future Combat Soldier programs, including communication, identification / recognition, and other critical tasks.

The connector series is available in both circular (7, 13, 19 ways) and rectangular (12, 21, 30 ways) geometries, with the plugs available in versions with or without over-moulding, while the receptacle offers straight through and solder cup termination styles.Circular extenders (7, 13, 19 ways), with and without over-moulding, are also available for applications requiring in-line connections. Eight housing polarizations are supported to avoid connector mismatching and a 90° over-moulded version is also available for the circular plug connector.

The locking mechanism is easy and fast, with the circular connector range featuring a snap on locking arrangement. The 12 and 21 way rectangular connectors have a push pull locking, with the 30 way version employing a quick turn locking mechanism.

A key innovation with the Snaptac® connector is in the design of the Hyperspring® spring-loaded contacts, which are designed to protect the electrical interface against extreme environmental conditions. For the first time, Smiths have combined their hyperboloid contact technology with the mechanical features of a spring loaded plunger. This compressible contact arrangement produces mated connectors with improved signal integrity, high reliability and proven parametric stability over time and realises characteristics of very low and stable contact resistance, high current carrying capability and extremely low wear mechanisms.

Hyperspring’s target and chisel blade contact mechanism also provides an inherent self-cleaning wiping action which removes surface contamination and ensures that the connector can’t be damaged by the build-up of surface films. This makes the SnapTac® connector system ideal for dirty and contaminated harsh environments where reliability is paramount, such as in land-based military scenarios where fast and easy mating and un-mating are needed.

The connectors support up to 10,000 mating cycles and are IP67 sealed according to IEC529 when in the mated and unmated condition. They incorporate full 360° EMI shielding, with dust caps available to ensure full EMI shielding and protection when in the unmated condition, providing for high robustness throughout their lifetime. Current rating is 3A per contact at 25°C and operating temperature range is -55°C to +85°C.

Key markets are high reliability military and commercial interconnect applications, such as tactical communications, FCS wearable electronic systems, commercial airframe sensors and auto-sport diagnostics.

For further infomation please contack Mark Ogden:

Innovative Snaptaccontacts

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