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LED Bulb Replacements – now available from Aerco

18 Mar 2019

LED light source replaces T1 ¾ incandescent bulbs

Aerco is stocking ELED1750, a dual polarity LED light source from Oxley designed to replace standard T1 ¾ incandescent bulbs in push-button switches and panel instrumentation.

The ELED1750 is a high reliability replacement for T1¾ tungsten incandescent bulbs, highly suitable for use in rail, power, oil and gas applications, these ELEDS have a voltage operating range from 24 to 28 VDC or VAC and by using the latest LED technology achieve the required levels of illumination while optimising thermal management.  Product life is also increased with the ELED with MTBF figure raised to 90,000 hours.

ELED1750 is resilient with high Thermal conductivity with operating temperature of -40°C to 70°C and is available in the full colour range, with customer specials available on request

Aerco offers ELED’s with next day delivery, no minimum order quantities and comprehensive technical and design support. For more infomation or quotation please call the sales office: 01403260206

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