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New, Intercompact PCB Connector Series from Smiths Interconnect – now available from Aerco Ltd

31 Jan 2022

Optimized and qualified for the next generation of Electronic Control Units

February 2022:  The new Intercompact PCB connector series from Smiths Interconnect is optimised to meet the growing demand for compact, high-speed, and high reliability connectivity in the new generation of Electronic Control Unit (ECU) boxes operating in harsh environments, including Rail, Industrial, Aerospace and Defence target markets.

An innovative small form factor solution for PCB to PCB and floating mount rack and panel applications, it combines PCB signal and high speed quadrax contacts in the same light weight compact connector. Versions include up to 60 all signal contacts arranged over three rows, or 42 signal contacts with 1 or 2 quadrax contacts.

Signal contacts employ Smiths Hypertac® hyperboloid technology, which provides excellent reliability under high levels of shock and vibration in harsh environments. Contact features include a self-cleaning 360° wiping action, low insertion/extraction forces, minimal contact resistance, and immunity to fretting corrosion. Contacts are rated at 3A with endurance of over 500 cycles.

Quadrax contacts consists of two 100Ω controlled impedance differential pairs, supporting Ethernet 10-Base-T and 100-Base-Tx connectivity with bandwidths up to 100Mhz.

The insulator design uses an advanced liquid crystal polymer material which provides optimized insulation resistance in severe environmental conditions, while improved creepage and clearance distances allow an increased number of contacts to be accommodated in a smaller space. Floating mount receptacle options allow higher tolerance to misalignment and facilitate an easy blind mate.

The series is compliant with the main European railway standards, including EN45545-2, NF-F61030, EN50155:2017, STM-S-001ind.D and more. It is also compliant with MIL-C-28748 and MIL-STD-202-301 standards and EIA and IEC standards for contact resistance and environmental testing. Vibration testing performs to EN61373. Connectors are RoHs compliant, with exemption 6c.

Standard operating temperature range is -55°C to +125°C with nominal voltage rating of 110V DC.

Target applications include ECUs, sensor/control networks, power electronics and rail traction converter systems.

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Smiths Intercompact PCB Connector Series

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