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Rationalisation of TE products affect Raychem users

09 Oct 2023

As part of the on-going work to improve their product offering in the marketplace, TE Connectivity have undergone a rationalisation process for Raychem products. This is to allow them to focus on popular high performance Polamco adaptors.

The initial product changes have centred on a range of heatshrink boot adaptors and EMC braid tail adaptors employing a magna-form crimp ring. Having previously had options with both Raychem and Polamco parts, TE have now streamlined their product range to maximise efficiency and ensure that customers receive the highest grade of product under the Polamco brand.

As a strategic partner to TE Connectivity in the UK, Aerco are perfectly placed to assist customers affected by the product Changes. Aerco will be able to support customers looking to manage this transition by providing technical support and expert advice in ‘designing-in’ replacement parts. As part of Aerco’s service, our technical team will be on hand to answer customer’s queries, provide full technical specifications and drawings to give reassurance that the right products are being used.

full list of equivalent parts in available here

209M Playbook

This service is part of Aerco’s much wider commitment to support customers with TE products. Stock is being increased, notably on high-reliability interconnect products under the Deutsch and Polamco brands and increasing numbers of customers are benefiting from Aerco’s CallOff service where stock can be held for up to year offering protection against price increases.

For more information on TE products please contact Alec Sluce at or call +44 1403 260206