Offering a comprehensive range of stock from many different manufacturers at competitive prices is just part of the picture to being a top-class distributor.

Aerco's product portfolio, which includes circuit breakers, connectors, AC and DC equipment fans and blowers, lighting products, relays, sensors, solenoids and switches from world-class suppliers, are suitable for use in all sectors including: vehicles, rolling stock, trackside equipment, signalling, communication and information systems.

At Aerco we go further than just our product offerings...

Connector Assembly
AB05 Production

We assemble many connectors ranges in house to minimise delivery lead times. With trusted manufacturer partners such as Smiths Interconnect, TE Connectivity and TT Electronics. We can offer unparalleled configurations of contacts, backshell, leads and more.

Technical Support

If you need technical advice before you buy, Aerco offers a free of charge technical service called the Design Support Service. Our team of product specialists will help you select the right component for your projects. Call and ask to speak to our Design Support Team.

Customisation and Modification

If you need leads cropped, connectors added or any other small modification we will happily do this for you saving you time and money.

CallOff Order Service

Long lead times, unreliable delivery promises and escalating prices are creating a perfect storm for Supply Chain professionals.

Aerco’s CallOff service is ideal for those who need to eliminate these risks.

Products ordered under Aerco’s CallOff service will be guaranteed to be delivered on time, over an extended period at a fixed price. Lead time is 1 week, price is guaranteed and your stock holding is nil.

See PDF CallOff Service Description

Part Number Translation

Can’t understand a part number? No problem - we probably can! With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, we’ve seen it all. Aerco has access to NATO, Mil spec, BS spec, CECC spec, PAN spec and more and can provide you with accurate cross-references.

Worldwide Sourcing

Are you looking for something obscure or possibly obsolete? If so, Aerco offers worldwide sourcing capabilities and is able to simply search the world for stock you can’t find. If it’s obsolete, we will work to find and offer you a suitable alternative.


Reduce your suppliers and improve dependability of supply using Aerco's kitting service. Using your Bill of Materials we will:

  • Identify a Kit of Parts to fulfil the needs at each of your production workstations
  • Hold stock, typically twelve months’ worth
  • Schedule delivery of the entire kits to your requirements

Our commitment to you is to ensure that you don't suffer from shortages on your production line. If you have a product to manufacture and use components from multiple suppliers, then kitting can save you time and money.

Counterfeit Avoidance

Aerco has robust procedures in place to ensure that the scourge of counterfeit products is avoided in all Aerco purchases.

Worldwide Sales

We supply and service customers throughout the world. We trade in Sterling, US Dollars and Euros and can ensure next day delivery to many worldwide destinations.

Kanban and JIT Ordering

Some of our customers require something a little extra and at Aerco we are more than happy to fit our systems in with your Kanban and Just In Time production requirements.

Ship to line

Need something shipped straight into your production facility knowing that it will work first time? Aerco has stringent quality procedures and will ensure you get the right product at the right place at the right time. We will work with you to establish the inspection regime you require prior to delivery.

Fixed priced contracts

Many of our customers have contracts that they are expected to support and we understand this. Which is why, if you speak to us, we can offer fixed pricing to support you with your contracts.

Rail Applications

Aerco have a vast range of products that are ideal for the rail industry and similar demanding environments now in stock. For rail applications Aerco is RISQS Approved.

Management of Obsolescence

With extensive experience and strong relationships within the supply chain Aerco is in an excellent position to assist customers in the management of risks of obsolescence of components. We can provide notice of proposed product obsolescence by manufacturers, offering to assist in last time buys, and can also assist in the identification of suitable alternatives to products that now have been made obsolete.

Cable Services

Aerco are UL approved to re-spool cable allowing us to sell in the exact legnths you need while ensuring the tracability of the product. With cable and wire from world class suppliers such as AlphaWire and Leviton, combining this with our other services is going to save you time and money.