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Versatile Range of Hoods and accessories by Provertha – now available from Aerco

15 Jul 2019

Aerco now offers a full range of metal and metallized plastic D-sub hoods and accessories manufactured by Provertha.

The hoods all feature a compact design and, because their construction is based around a limited number of individual parts, the assembly process is quick and easy, making them an ideal choice across a range of applications..

Numerous locking options are available, notably screw locking with knurled screws, slide locking, or the innovative Quick Lock system which allows for single hand operation. Quick Lock’s operation is even faster than competitive push locking systems and offers extremely high holding forces, being certified for shock and vibration according to EN61373

The hoods are available with straight or angled cable outlet options and include variants with multiple cable outlets. As well as these outlet options, cable diameters range from 4mm up to 16mm for the 50 pole version, meaning that engineers and designs have a wide range of solutions to select from.

Using crimp flange technology means the hoods are extremely mechanically strong, vibration and torsion proof. In addition, the full metal versions provide excellent 360 degree EMC performance making Provertha hoods an ideal choice for use in harsh environments such as those found right across the rail sector. Many users in this marketplace will be familiar and comfortable with the Provertha performance as their products have previously been sold under competitive brand labels. These will now be sold directly under the Provertha name and with the added advantage of doing so under Aerco’s service commitment.

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